Trevor VanDoren


A little bit about me

I'm finishing up my bachelor's degree in computer science at The University of Texas at Tyler. I'm married to my best friend (who is also the most talented woman). I play ultimate frisbee, read, and enjoy spending time with family.

A broad worldview is important to me

Growing up in Papua New Guinea, North Carolina, Cameroon, Texas, Austria, and places in between, I find myself looking forward to opportunities to see more of the world. I'm enthralled by variety, from the cultures and landscapes to the individual people I get to meet. I look forward to each adventure I get to share with my traveling partner (yeah, the same amazing woman above).

I strive to do things well.

Regardless of the situation, I work so that I can be proud of what I accomplished. I like to work efficiently, and avoid devoting my time to things that aren't useful. I enjoy solving problems, so my interest in programming follows naturally. Supplementing my courses, I've learned a lot from my two older brothers, Anson and Tim.


Graduation Timer

A bit of a spur-of-the-moment project, I created so that I could easily check how much time I had remaining in my final semester here at UT Tyler. I built the timer functionality for the site using Luxon, which made implementing cross-timezone functionality much easier. Overall a fun project, and a good reminder to use libraries where applicable instead of attempting to reinvent the wheel.

Free Invoice Generator

I'm in the process of building a web service to generate downloadable PDF invoices. With a focus on ease of use and a minimalistic design, the goal of this service is to allow small business owners to quickly and easily create customer invoices.

Sky Smuggler

I've spent time working with my brothers on building a trading-based game, Sky Smuggler. I've gained experience working with Javascript and React, and Python. This is the first large project I've been a part of, and it was pretty cool when the project structure clicked. I've specifically enjoyed working on the backend/game mechanics stuff. The value of test driven development became apparent to me in the course of this project, especially as we add more new features to the game.